CANNIBAL ACCIDENT - ''AND THE FRIENDS OF THE FLESH''. This release features the insane grindcore-filled poundings that your mother always wanted you to listen to. Reminding me of acts like AGATHOCLES, DAHMER, and MESRINE, this proves to be quite the ear-grinder. ( I mean that in a good way. )  Featuring 9 tracks + 4 bonus tracks from a split with INFERIA.  I've currently had this release on repeat for quite some time now, and I'm sure I will be rocking this one for years to come.

Download this beast now!


''TWO THOUSAND AND SHIT'' BY CANKER. I would have loved to review all of the CANKER releases, but it's been a while since the stuff was put to physical copy, and this is all I can get my hands on. This is a compilation of a few releases, featuring tracks with real drums ( Taken from ''The Smell Of Burning Plastic'' ) and some drum-machine fueled tracks taken off ( I think? ) POSITIVE & NEGATIVE. CANKER started as your standard pathological goregrind band, but later switched their lyrical themes to corruption in the CBRM, pollution and toxic waste emitted from the Sydney tar ponds, and other political ( Or should I say anti-political?) themes. CANKER was founded by the twin brothers JAMES and PHIL TARR, who are now both deceased. (R.I.P) Founded in 2001, CANKER was one of the first ( If not the very first ) gore- inspired bands to play in CAPE BRETON. Although they had a rough go, JAMES and PHIL both managed to produce music ( or anti-music) for bands ( and projects) such as MESSFOLK, THE ABUSIVE STEPDADS, ELEPHANT MAN BEHIND THE SUN, SUBMERSED CADAVER, and CHERNOBYL CHILDREN (among others.)  ( YOUTUBE link.)

I also suggest checking out the vile punk band MESSFOLK (Fronted by PHILL TARR) and the gore-noise project E.M.B.T.S (Elephant Man Behind The Sun.) ( This was one of JAMES' favorite projects. ) This webzine was originally intended as a GOREGRIND only webzine. I have since branched out a bit, but I still can not think of a band more deserving of review on this shitty webpage. Fuck mainstream music, fuck your trends, and fuck you. Listen to CANKER!

( R.I.P )


''COCK-A-POCALYPSE'' and ''DOOR TO DOOR DRUG - DEALER'' by EMACIATED WASTE. Now this is what I'm talking about. 1-2 man gore-grind projects will always have a special place in my heart, even more so if they are as good as this. Short vicious tracks with gutterals, gurgles, lo-fi gore-filled guitar rhythms and a relentless drum machine are featured on both these releases. ( They also have a variety of cool samples.) Some of the best damn gore I have heard of in quite some time. Check out these pieces of audio filth! (Or don't, but you're missing out, biatche!)

( Cock-A-Pocalypse free download )

( Door To Door Drug-Dealer free download )

Both of these releases are available for free DL on TORNFLESH. Hit that shit up!


''Hegemony'' by NUCLEUS. This is a short little demo download featuring only three tracks. Featuring the sound of good old fashioned DeathMetal and maybe a hint of grind, this is more than fit for downloading. This release features a Time Ghoul cover ''Siege''. I have never heard of Time Ghoul before this download, but after checking them out, they also seem like a pretty stellar band. The other two songs ''Cube'' and ''The Great Poison'' are also really damn good. I really enjoy the art work on this release as well (Gruesome Graphx.) I will deffinately be looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Cheers, Nucleus!

Available for free Download on TORNFLESH Records. (link above.)


''Girl'' by SPOOKY STEVE. This release was sent to me by Sam @ Torn Flesh Records. It's 1:30 in the morning, and I'm all out of weed, so why not give this a listen? Here we go. Right off the bat, this is some really weird stuff. Mixing metal oriented guitars with computerized beats and alot of raspy yelling, this release has a very ''tongue in cheek'' feeling. What can sometimes be taken as humour could also be a negative reflection of the human construct. (What?) What I mean to say is, the humour in this release is of a very depressing nature. ( Once again a TFR release reminds me of my luck with women.) After listening to this twice, I actually cannot pick a favorite. I have four tracks on this that I like almost equally. ''Those Used To Be My Holes'' , ''Fantasy And Reality'', ''Love Potion #666'', and ( possssssssssssssibly the best of the bunch ) ''Cuntrol - Brown Discharge Remix''. This is some weird shit!

This is not my normal listening material, but it is a nice switch from the norm for a change. ( It's on TFR, it has to be good .) Check out SPOOKY STEVE on TORN FLESH RECORDS!


I've been busy making cassettes and zines and all that stuff, and I noticed it's been a while since I posted a review. So here it goes..

Instead of reviewing one particular album, I'm going to review an artist. I introduce you to Pete Berwick , a long standing pioneer of music with ''a decent kick and a good twang'' ( I don't know how to fully describe Pete's music. It's good stuff. ) It has that Nashville edge but the punk rock and rock and roll roots are quite evident in music. I already did a review for Pete's 4th album ''Give it Time'' , and I recently received some more of his music in the mail and it is just as kicking as the last batch. The first time I heard the song ''Nuclear Boy'' I was jumping around my bedroom like a drunken school-girl. ''Outsider'' is also a good track. Hell, they're all good tracks. Renegade, Can't hide the tears, Is that what you're tellin' me?, Busted in Kentucky, its all great! I wont harp anymore. Go buy Pete's albums. ( Or I will crack you with my licorice whip.) OH! BUY PETES BOOKS! ( Insert metronome and hypnosis here.) Buy Pete's stuff.. Buy Pete's stuff.. Buy Pete's stuff......    Buy Pete's stuff............