REVIEWS:Page1: ''Immix Rejectamenta'' By INTERSPERSING BONE AND BLOOD , ''Necesidad Adictiva'' By ABISMO NUCLEAR , ''Everything Is Shit'' By FALSE FLAG ATTACK, THE WAZZO (BAND) , ''Inverted Owl '' By DYSLEXIC FUDGICLE , PETE BERWICK's ''Give It Time '' , ''Solar Forest'' By HAUNT and the legendary TORN FLESH RECORDS.


This is my 8th review, and I have decided to review ''Immix Rejectamenta'' by INTERSPERSING BONE AND BLOOD. This album features 9 tracks of chaotic Death - Metal. At first, this might seem like your standard DM ( Down tuned guitars with relentless high-pitched vocals and destructive gutterals ) but there is something special about this project. INTERSPERSING BONE AND BLOOD is a 1 man band. ( And is producing some of the best one man death since the start of PUTRID PILE. ) This project is ''Remi Gawin'' on all instruments and vocals. ( Pretty goddamn impressive. )  My favorite track on this album is track 8 ''White Matter Feast'' , though all tracks are great. This is a new project to the scene, but I wish Remi and I. B & B nothing but the best, and I will continue to follow and listen as long as the band is still producing music. ( This album is on in the background, I thought I'd add the song OCULAR BYPASS is pretty fucking tight, too. )

Check out this album, it's available on TFR!

9 tracks well worth listening too. Fans of Deathmetal and one- man bands should really hold this album close to their heart.


This release is a grindy/crusty piece of filth. In other words, it's absolutely fantastic! Fans of grind, crust , and power - violence should really enjoy this one. ''Necesidad Adictiva'' by ABISMO NUCLEAR has recently been released on STILLBORNTWINS Records , and is now one of my favorite releases ever put out on the label. This album also has aspects of noise / ambience , so fans of those genres might like this piece too. I have never heard of this band before finding them on SBT, but I'm quite glad I did.  YACOPSAE would be proud. This release is a quick one, with 8 short tracks, but it hits like a full - length album.

This release is downloadable for FREE by clicking the link above. Cheers to STILLBORN TWINS Records for releasing this foreign gem.


So, I was scrolling through Facebook on the inter-webs and I stumbled upon this release, ''Everything Is Shit'' by FALSE FLAG ATTACK. This release features 14 tracks, each one successfully grinding my brain into mush. Featuring the styles of ( from what I can hear ) mostly GRIND and a bit of deathmetal, the band proves ( atleast to me ) that these guys are worth paying attention too. After a few listens, I honestly cannot decide on a favorite song, as they are all pretty superb. At times, this band reminds me of both DAHMER and AGATHOCLES. ( And less frequently, HAEMORRHAGE. )  Released on TORNFLESH RECORDS in 2014,  For the fans of GRIND and other extreme metal genres, this album is worthy of a listen.

The album is downloadable for free from the link above. ( Gotta love TORN FLESH RECORDS, right? ) Download this, or you're st00pid.


THE WAZZO. These guys are also not Metal or Grind, but they are a local band from my town so I figured I would give them a review. Consisting of Adam Lemoine, Shawn Taylor, and Conrad Barnes, The WAZZO bring together some pretty great Punk Rock. I have heard of them a bit ago, but I recently got the chance to see them perform live , and in my opinion, they were the best band at the venue. These guys are known to the local scene, but they are deserving of a broader audience. With tight drumming, blistering guitar, and crunchy bass, these guys rock the house. I'm not sure if these guys have an album out yet, but I would deffinately buy one. In the mean-time, demo tracks are available on SOUNDCLOUD.

If you want to check these guys out, you can hear them HERE:

The WAZZO. One of the best band's currently involved in the CAPE BRETON music scene.

( Check out the song Nunn the Wizer, it's pretty good )


DYSLEXIC FUDGICLE: ''Inverted Owl''. I have to be honest, this is the first album I have listened to by this band ( though I have listened to a few songs before through TFR. )  This band has a pretty original sound, and it seems as if they take inspiration from a variety of different genres. Metal, Punk and Hardcore are the three that jump out at me the most. This album features 10 tracks, my favorite of which being track 2 '' Temporarily Yours, Permanantly Whores''. ( Kind of reminds me of my experience with women. ) I was not expecting the clean female vocals on track 5 ''Vericose Voyeur Vengeance'' but it was pulled off quite nicely. I was also as equally thrown off with the electronic elements at the beginning of track 6, but it was played well. This band keeps changing up their sound slightly for each track, which is a pleasant suprise in the underground music scene. What more can I really say? This is a great band, and you should really check them out. Also, I would like to give props for being able to add a nice amount of keyboards without shitting the whole thing up. I personally find keys used too often can ruin a song (That is just a personal opinion. ) This has been my first real experience with DF, but I am glad I had the chance to sit down and give them a true listen.

DYSLEXIC FUDGICLE is one of the many bands available through TORNFLESH RECORDS, and you can download this album here:

Props to the band for meshing so many different types of instruments into this music. You really pulled it off well.

I will be looking forward to listening to more of this band in the future.


For my third review ( I'm going to stop listing the review number, but hey, it's a new site! It's monumental! ) I am going to review PETE BERWICK'S '' Give it Time.''  This album features 11 tracks, bringing together the styles of really dirty Rock and Roll and Country. ( Woah, Country music on an Extreme Metal website, huh?) This album is literally that good. The in - your - face attitude of some of the lyrics and the overall ''realism'' of the music make it well worth a listen. My personal favorites on this album are track 1 ''Renegade'' and track 3 '' Is That What You're Tellin Me? ''. I'd say these two songs are the heaviest/catchiest on the album. If you want something slightly less - heavy, track 6 ''My Heart Is On Hold'' is also a pretty solid tune. Did I mention Pete is also a writer? He has written a few books, but so far I have only read one, ''The Bar Singer'' which turned out to be a pretty good read. Pete has released a hearty handful of releases, both musical and written. All can be purchased through his website:


Though not on this album, I suggest you also check out the songs ''Outsider'' and ''Can't Hide The Tears'', Both songs are more than worthy of a listen.

Pete Berwick; bringing hope to a dying music scene. A truly under-rated musician. Forget your Kanye-West and your HEDLEY. This is real music.



For my second review, I am going to review ''SOLAR FOREST'' by ''HAUNT''. This EP contains 4 tracks, each one being just as good as the last.  My favorite track is the title track, song #2 ''Solar Forest''.  I am quite picky when it comes to Black Metal, but Haunt has a certain harshness/heavyness to it that I find alot of BM does not have. Some parts on this Ep almost have a Grindy feel to them. Haunt is a 1 man band, created by Steve.C on all vocals and instruments. ( I really love 1-2 man projects, there will always be a soft spot in my black little heart for them. )The guitar and the drums fit together nicely, and the vocals are raspy and chaotic ( as per usual in the BM scene.) I first found out about Haunt on TFR, but then found out that he is also available through STILLBORN TWINS Records. I have been in contact with Haunt, and have been sent a really cool T-SHIRT featuring the Haunt logo and a Grim - Reaper standing on a pile of skulls. Pretty sick shirt! Anyway, back to the music. Haunt does not really have that much material out there yet, but I do hope to see some more from this project in the future.

If you are looking to check out ''Solar Forest'' , the EP is available for download on TORNFLESH RECORDS and STILLBORN TWINS Records.

( 0r, you can just stream it on YOUTUBE. )

Stay Haunted!

- D.M

I have decided to dedicate my first review to TORN FLESH RECORDS. What can I say? TFR is an amazing net-label. Hundreds of albums have been released, and the majority of them are spot on. The best part, is that all of the albums are free for download. Thats right, FREE. Some of my favorite artists have been released on TFR, and I am still finding new music on an almost daily basis. I have released music that I have been a part of on this label, and the downloads have been amazing.  If you are a band looking to get your material heard, get in touch with TFR and maybe you can get your music out there. If you are just someone looking to listen to some underground music, this label is also for you.

Check out TFR, the best ( in my humble opinion ) net-label currently on the web.


Check it out, folks!
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