''The Death And Rebirth Of The Spirit'' by HUNTERS MOON. As I have said in earlier reviews, I am really picky when it comes to Black Metal. With that being said, this particular release is really damn good. Chaotic at times, but also atmospheric and melodic in parts. Featuring 6 tracks, I highly suggest that everyone checks this one Out. What caught me at first was how much it reminded me of my good friend, Harry Neal John Macrae. (Masked Stranger/Proctophobic/Casket Sludge/Thaumiel.) I ended up listening to this album a few times in a row. ( Track 3 ''Transcending'' would have to be my favorite on this.) Lo-fi, but I'd have it no other way.

This album has been made a free download on STILLBORN TWINS Records. ( Download it from the link Above. ) This has to be one of my favorite ''Black Metal'' releases in the last little while. Cheers, HUNTERS MOON!


MOXHAM CASTLE:CONSUME! This EP was released by GORECYST (Limit 20 copies) a few years ago.  I'm now obviously out of copies, but the band is more than deserving of having their music remembered. Featuring four grinding tracks with a hint of Black Metal , this EP is one of my favorites to come out of CAPE BRETON over the last few years. My favorite track off this EP is ''Ancient Ones'' ( Which is also featured on THE MANY FACES OF DEVIN MEANEY , a various artist compilation co-released between GORECYST and STILLBORN TWINS Records. ) A close second for me would have to be ''Cyst Extraction''. MOXHAM CASTLE hasn't been doing much for quite some time, but over the last little while they have been making a bit of an uprise. This is a great EP, and I highly encourage you to check it out. Making Cape Breton look good.

The artwork for this release was originally drawn by HARRY MACRAE of Proctophobic, Casket Sludge, and the upcoming THAUMIEL. Great artwork!


ENERGY FOR GENOCIDE by '' GirlsNames ''.  I honestly don't know how to describe this. This piece doesn't really seem to tie down to any specific genre, but I can hear influences from Punk Rock , Grind , Cyber - Grind , and a few others. I had to listen to this a few times to get used to it. ( This one is a bit out of the norm for me. ) After a few listens, I'm actually kind of digging this. My favorite part of this release would have to be the Noise aspects and the female ''gang vocals''. In parts, this kind of reminds me of a project my friend Seagull does , ''TELEPATHIC DISCHARGE'' (atleast musically.) It's really different, but if you are in the mood to check out something unique, this might be for you.

GirlsNames has a few other releases available through TFR, so I encourage you to check those out as well. Out of the norm, but well worth a listen.


Along with some HUMAN TRADE releases, I was sent this beast for review. ''The Extreme Health - Care'' EP by OBAMACARE features a nice mix of some vicious Punk - Rock and some good old fashioned grinding. OBAMACARE is BinDis on drums, and ''Six Names'' on guitar, bass, vocals, and production. Featuring 6 tracks, this EP is short but well worth listening to. ( I will also give a shout out to the cool sampling on this release. )  Roll up the sleeve, have a convulsion, and HAIL SATAN!

Download this beast now, asshole!


FUCK THE FACTS: Looking back at MULLET FEVER, and the brand new ''ABANDONED'' EP.

( I'm going to keep this short, as no one in the CANADIAN Grind ''scene'' needs an introduction to these pioneers of ''BASTARDIZED GRINDCORE''. ) Instead of just reviewing ''Abandoned'' , I thought I would have a look back at some of the older FTF and compare the sound. I sat down today ( and rocked out at times ) listening to both MULLET FEVER and the new EP. Older FTF  has an often joking '' tongue in cheek '' sound , although it still has some vicious grinding. Fans of  NOISE and experimental music should also really enjoy the older FTF , as it has a some what ''NOISE-CORE'' feel at times. ( I'm using the term ''Noise - Core'' very loosely. ) One of the first tracks I have ever heard of by FTF was the short track '' Don't Call Me Slammin Outfit Cool, Whitebread '' years ago, only to find out that they would be playing in my area ( CAPE BRETON ) a week later. ( They have returned to CB numerous times, and each time it has been a great show. ) Switching up to the ''Abandoned'' EP , there is an obvious upgrade in production. The songs are also quite a bit more technical, and have more of a ''serious '' tone to them. Although there will always be a place in my heart for the older FTF , it would be foolish to say that they have not went through a certain metamorphosis. MULLET FEVER was enough to grab the attention of die - hard grinders like myself, but ABANDONED features a sound appealing to a broader audience.

Check out ''MULLET FEVER'' and the new ''ABANDONED'' EP.

FTF is also featured on the up - coming film: SLAVE TO THE GRIND: A film about Grindcore.


This film looks as if it is going to be quite the feature, and I'm quite excited.

FINAL NOTE: The grindest thing I have ever seen in my life was when FTF came to CB a few years back. Never before have I seen a pregnant woman grind like that. God-damn.

Cheers, FTF!