Short interview with DISTROZIONE D.I.Y LABEL ( ITALY )

DM - Greetings. What are the goals and purposes of DISTROZIONE?

DISTRO - Greetings at you my friend, Distrozione has many goals but the first one is for sure become an independent label then keep up the comrades in jail and the struggle in our city.
We still think that Grindcore and Hardcore are not only a music genre but more than this, it is our way to scream our ideal and to keep up our "brothers" that have problems with the law (sorry our english is very bad.)

DM - That's ok!  I'm sure everyone gets the idea. What are some of the most popular releases, and what is planned for the future?

DISTRO - The most popular releases that we had made in past it's for sure (and was the most important for me too) "Non un sasso indietro" an LP+2CD compilation, benefit for the 4 notav arrested on 9th December 2013 and accused of terrorism ( the sentence of the 17th december 2014 is 3 years and 7 months of jail, without terrorism than is fallen), The compilation was co-released from 20 and more labels ( D.I.Y ) and was followed by an Italian tour on the period of March - June 2014, a lot of artists have taken part on this from the hc Italian "scene" like Hobophobic, Contrasto, Ludd, Letormenta, Ab-horigeni, Lou quinse, XkateXmoshX, Grumo and much much more...
The booklet had all the lyrics and a chronostory of the notav movement (all the action against the high velocity construction site.)
About the future, we have started to prepare a special edition to the discography of Confusione (Italian historic band) that will be out this summer, after that we have more albums to get out like:
Kalashnikov /Serpe In Seno
Ab-horigeni / Raukers
No fly Zone / Heretica
The new album from Flic Dans La Tete ...
And much more... for us this year is really special because we made ten years and we wanna try to do something for our birthday..

DM - Sounds like you guys have a lot planned. Congratulations on 10 years! What was the first release ever released on Distrozione?

DISTRO - Our first release is coming after two years that we have open the label, we had started only with live shows and with some albums released from friends of us. In  2007 we had chosen to release a four hand split LP with: ANXTV / Carogna / Bestiame / Berserk.

DM - You gotta love Berserk. I guess that pretty much covers the basics. Any final comments?

DISTRO - Yep, they are really a great band now! Not a lot to say, just that we hope to still continue in this way. Hope to get more active than yesterday and less than tomorrow. In Italy now it's a really hard period for the DIY movement, not a lot of bands, not a lot of places where we can play and not a lot of people.. But who is in with the DIY attitude now is for sure "good people" and we're sure that the future will be better .
Hope  to see you all at the "Keep Up the Struggle fest" in Rome (Italy) the 5th and 6th June to take part at our birthday =)

DM - Cheers to Distrozione!


DISTROZIONE Released my band PROCTOPHOBIC on a split with SHITFUCKINGSHIT (Italy) back in 2009. I have recently gotten back in touch with DISTROZIONE. This label has been a supporter of the battle against opression in Italy for the last decade. Check This label out!


Interview with HOLLY FOX of Diabolus Templum , INMORTIS and VAKVNT.

DM- Hello Holly, explain your online radio show, and talk a bit about your taste in music.

HOLLY - I started Diabolus Templum in 2009 after seeing an ad for "DJs wanted" for a site called Metal Monthly. It started off as a podcast type of thing...pre-recorded. It was only an hour a week. I started off playing Oldschool Death Metal, some Thrash and black as well. My band at the time INMORTIS was that type of music and it was what I knew best. After about a year....Fowler from Brutal Existence Radio heard my show and asked if I could DJ for his site....but the station manager I was working for wanted me to be exclusive to MM. As the loyal DJ I am...I said thanks, but I can't at the time. Afew months went by and the MM station manager ended up being a douche and dropped all DJs and never cut us a cheque and just dissapeared. It wasn't much money promised anyways...but a heads up or an email would have been appreciated. I contacted Fowler from BER and asked if he remembered me and if he was still interested. He said "Hell Yeah"! So I began Diabolus Templum on BER and have been there ever since. On BER I do a live show for 3 hours a week every Thursday night. My taste has changed dramatically over the years....doing this from home...I don't exactly wanna sit down live headbanging the whole time and have been playing pretty much exclusively Black Metal and Dark ambient/ Atmospheric BM. Now I am also in an atmospheric BM band called VAKVNT. So taste has changed quite a bit over the years.....but I still love going out to live DM and thrash shows.. throwin the horns all night. I always liked any realllly dark music. No all....ever! I also have a love for 80's darkwave type stuff...but I mostly play that on youtube while Im alone drunk.

DM - You play music yourself? I did not know that. Tell me a little bit about INMORTIS AND VAKVNT. ( I have actually heard of INMORTIS before, but Vakvnt is new to me. )

HOLLY - INMORTIS started out in 2008. Myself and Lisa Faulkner started playing guitar together and thought we should start something up. then came along Jolene Zacher with her big bad bass. all 3 of us fucked around with our guitars for a short time....then I decided....I'm a better singer than I am guitarist. So I started being the vokillist./ lyricist. 
Enter John Haight who had just started drumming and got really good very quickly. so...we had a full band...the 4 of us jammed for quite a while...then John had to move away and we asked well known drummer Gerald Smith to join us. He agreed and we continued on. We ended up doing quite a few shows then recorded our full length CD called "Human Extinction" . We have several live shows recorded which you can see on Youtube as well as a video put together by Lisa for the song "Forsaken Territory" Which I wrote shortly after the Tsunami in Japan and that whole crisis. Probably my only sympathetic song towards the human race EVER! Most of the CD consists of how humans need to be wiped off the earth really. We ended up breaking up in 2012 ...we had almost  5 years together and had a good run...with lots of experiences...but sometimes things need to come to an end to move forward. We had too many differences in the band and needed to break up. But it wasn't such a loss. Me and Jolene decided to stick together as Gerald and Lisa stayed together as well. They moved forward with their new DM band called Infected Remains. Me and Jolene formed our new Atmospheric BM band called VAKVNT with me on vokills...Jolene playing rhythm guitars Jason Lawlor on drums and Karyn McLellan on lead guitars. I write the lyrics but Karyn is pretty much the main songwriter...and as a Math Professor at a University she ended up moving to another city for the school season so she has been super busy and not around often so we jam when we can. We are almost finished our 1st Demo CD which is darrrrk as fuuuuck. Very moody BM stuff. I mostly write the lyrics about celestial subjects which have been our inspiration. With Karyn's dark atmospheric guitar style....Jolene's guitar pulsating moody riffs ringing out and Jason's undead beats keeping us in time. Recently John Haight has been pounding out the bass for us as well. He is a man of many talents and we are glad he is back!  We are a FORCE! Many people that don't listen to ABM won't get it...but the ones that do certainly will. It's the type of thing that puts you under a dark spell and places you into a different space. We are looking forward to finishing this recording and haunting the rest of the universe with this sound with John Haight recording us and James Gittens (Ancient Reign/ Ignightor) mastering . We don't have a page up yet since we want our recordings finished so people can check out the actual music. So stay tuned and keep your ears to the darkness for this. BTW....There seems to be a consistent 3 chicks in both bands ....but we were never set out to be in an "all girl band" hence the males. We get many requests for interviews and shows for our "Chick metal band" which it never was.

DM - I'm checking out your video ''Forsaken Territory '' for INMORTIS. It's been a while since I heard this, but it still proves to be quite vicious. I will be looking forward to hearing some Vakvnt in the future. I guess that pretty much sums up what I had to ask you. Any final comments?

HOLLY - Sure! I would like everyone to know that I do this radio show for the love ov the music I am astounded by and my goal is to introduce minded minds to something. Many of the bands I play are not well known...and many of my listeners are quite new to the genre the bigger ABM band I play such as "Blut aus Nord, Coldworld, Sombres Forets"...ect" still get their darkness introduced to people that didn't hear of them before...and the newer ,or underground type bands such as "Moon and Azure Shadows, Silent Wood, Adore....and soooo many other great underground dark bands get the recognition they deserve.  I am always open to checking out new bands and encourage bands/ artists to submit their mp3s to me at and perhaps I can play some of their songs or have the album as "The Sermon ov the Week" on DT. My goal as a DJ is to introduce bands to people and make them feel like they are not alone in this darkness.

DM - Cheers , Holly!

Check this out, you fucking rejects! Song/Video for ''FORSAKEN TERRITORY''. INMORTIS (Live) 2012.

HOLLY also suggested that everyone check out these bands:

My first real encounter with DIABOLUS TEMPLUM was a few months back. I had written a short novelette, which I had sent to my friend Devin ''SEAGULLATHOR'' Stoddard. He then sent the writing to Holly, who proceeded to read it live on her Radio Show. Pretty neat, Huh?

Thanks again Holly. D.T is a sick radio station , INMORTIS is heavy as fuck and I will be waiting for VAKVNT.


Short interview with ''STEVIL'' of ''HAUNT'' and ''STILLBORN TWINS RECORDS.''

Here we go.

D.M - Hey Stevil. Explain your projects and STILLBORN TWINS a little bit.

STEVIL - Hey, My name is Steve(aka Stevil). I have several one man projects of varying styles and co-run an underground netlabel, Stillborn Twins Records.

D.M - I have heard about your BM project ''Haunt'' , and a little bit about your other project CRUCIFYED. Explain these projects.

STEVIL - Crucifyed was my first solo project. I kinda wanted to do something that meshed different styles of metal, kinda like Acid Bath does. Lyrically, it is mostly topics that are true to my life. More personally and socially based. Haunt is more influenced for my love of black metal and old school thrash metal. Definitely darker and more violent sounding than my other projects. Most popular of my projects to be sure.

D.M - Do you have any projects / bands that I do not Know about?

STEVIL - Yeah. I have a more punk project called Trust The Devil and an experimental project called October Ritual, but haven't done much with these in awhile. I also play drums in a band called Aphotic Numen with Hodr(Lurid Reign), Mia Raven(Korpifjellet) and S.C. Land(Apophecy)

D.M - Shit dude, that's quite the roster. I guess that pretty much covers it. Any Final comments?

STEVIL - Yeah, thanks for the interview. Support the underground!

D.M - Cheers dude!

Haunt is a great project, ( Haunt's ''SOLAR FOREST'' Ep  was reviewed by me, you can check it out on the review page ) and Crucifyed sounds pretty decent from what I have heard so far. As for the other projects, I am going to have to give them a listen.


Keep it Underground!