I recently had the chance to ask the guys behind SLAVE TO THE GRIND: ( A Film About Grindcore ) a few questions:

1. What inspired the creation of such a film?

When I was finishing my previous documentary ( Never Enough, which is a film on why people collect), I had this feeling that I was going to make a film on a subject that was equally as important to me.  Grindcore speaks to me on a level that is hard to explain.  Yes, I like death metal and deathgrind, but grindcore resonates at a level that is incommunicable by words alone.  I know it a brave endevour, but it is almost like I have to make this film. And on a purely selfish level, it's been so much fun to work on this.

2. What are your personal favorite GRINDCORE bands?

How about favourite 15? Discordance Axis, Assuck, Brutal Truth, Antigama, Catheter, Dahmer, Napalm Death, Nasum, Noisear, Rotten Sound, Wormrot, Insect warfare, Terrorizer, General Surgery and Machtazo. 

3.When the film is finally released, where will it be available for purchase?

Who knows!  We are still in the early stages of filming.  This said, we have close to 40 interviews lined up before August - which is absolutely mental.  Priority one is film festivals, then getting a copy to our Kickstarter pre-order people (with the kickstarter bonus film).  Then it will likely be iTunes and a variety of 'on-demand' platforms...

4. I'm sure while working on this film you have discovered quite a few new bands / underground labels / etcetc, Anything you wish to mention?

Where do I start?

I receive close to a dozen bands sending me material a day. I promise I will listen to every band at least for a track, and here are a few that have stood out (from HUNDREDS thus far). 

Deboned, Sick/Tired, Sete Star Sept, Vermin Womb, Organ Dealer, Parlamentarisk Sodomi ( I have no idea how I have never heard of these guys before)

There are many underground labels that seem to be doing a great job.  I think I was shocked at how many mail order companies there are. I have had close to 100 email me in the last 2 months. 

5. Final comments.

Thank you to all of the fans who have taken the time to send me materials, pass on music, send a message, and promote the film.  It truly means a lot.

Check back on February 8th for your chance to help with our kickstarter campaign.  



DM-Greetings, Charlie. We know that you have played drums telepathicly for PROCTOPHOBIC, and sometimes you enjoy taking over the mind of local ''Devin Stoddard'' to create the sounds of TELEPATHIC DISCHARGE. Explain what inspires you to create music.

CG-The forest. The destruction of the human race. Many things.

DM-What is it that you enjoy doing in your spare time? ( Other than stealing Devins beer.)

CG-Drinking all of his wine has been a new high in life for me. I enjoy sitting with cats and riding on their backs as they create destruction throughout the house.
If only he had bathroom lettuce things would be better.

DM-Yes, of course. Things are always better with bathroom Lettuce.  What is Charlies favorite kind of wine?

CG-The human has bought many of wines but my favorite so far that he has purchased has been the grinder.

DM-I have noticed a lot of fake accounts popping up all over the facebook realm. What is your personal opinion on these mischevious tricksters?

CG-It fills me with joy,to have chaos upon the facebook.

DM-You have a facebook relationship with ZACK UNICRON ( The LEGENDARY zarcose unicorn.) What is he like in person?

CG-A big fag. Lol.

DM-You spent time living with HARRY NEAL JOHN MACRAE and LORNE TOMPKINS ( Unbidden.) What are THEY like?

CG-They are magical humans.

DM-That's about all the questions I have for you today Charlie. Any final comments?

CG-Death to  the great pig that sits on  the throne of raspberries.

DM-Thanks Charlie for sparing a few moments of your time!

If you wish to speak to Charlie yourself, you can find him here. * Sometimes.*


DM-Hello, James. You are known to the CB music scene, but talk a bit about your current bands and projects for the rest of the world.

JR-Devin, hello. I am currently a busy fella here in CB playing with the bands Dead Skanks, The Slow & The Courteous, and Stepwise. Dead Skanks is a unique take on horror punk- we're fast, in your face, drunk, have guitar solos and sing the praise of cheesy yet awesome horror and sci-fi. The Slow and the Courteous I know you are familiar with. Formed by Mitch Hines, Art Bouman, and myself. Originally intended to be a crust punk band but with the recent addition of Seagullathor "Skully" Stoddard on vocals, we've gained a harsher sound... and have the ability to play our instruments fast without worrying about screeching. Stepwise is new to the scene but features members of many other great bands that have graised our local area. We recently released a 5 track EP. Fast hard rock fueled punk with duel guitar magic is the best way to describe it. I hate genres. Check us out on Facebook and/or Youtube.

DM-I have actually heard material from STEPWISE. ( Shane sent me a few tracks.) It's not my normal listening material, but it's pretty good! Are you guys planning any shows in the near future?

JR-We currently have no shows coming up. The plan is to continue writing lots of new songs, jamming them silly and recording them... then we'll plan another show.

DM-Awesome. Keep me informed on live shows and album releases and such. Aside from music, what are some of your personal interests?

JR-Film.. watching, writing, collecting it. I have a feature length screenplay written that I've been sitting on for a few years because I don't have the resources to make it. I'm big into the hunt: collecting movies, action figures, vinyls and other, sometimes strange, things.

DM-Awesome dude, that should about cover it. Any final comments?

JR-Don't get hot and flustered... use a bit of mustard.

Dead Skanks on youtube

The Slow & The Courteous on bandcamp

Stepwise on assbook

Also beware the resurrection of Moxham Castle/The fuckin' castle will burn. ; )


Check out these sick Bands! -DM


DM - Helllo , Mr. Macrae. The small underground music ''scene'' of CB Island knows you well, and I'm sure now that you have moved you have been polluting the HALIFAX ''scene '' as well. Explain to the rest of the world (Or atleast the small following that reads my zine ) some of your thoughts / ideals / music projects / bands / and taste in music.

HNJM - Well thus far, the "pollution" of Halifax has been in a sort of larval state. I've been working intently on an orthodox black metal project called Thaumiel with two other individuals (a certain Sean and a certain James) for the last year or so. So far we've just been writing and jamming, but we'll be playing our first show as a full band this coming Valentines day at Gus's Pub, a bloody debut we're all looking quite forward to. And during all of this I've been sculpting the musical arrangements for a new Masked Stranger album. These will be the first Masked Stranger songs that were written and crystallized before the actual recording session. Typically in the past I've always just written my material on the spot as it was recorded and then I would write lyrics afterwards as I basked in the mess that I'd made. But a recent drive to make guitar playing a daily occurrence has lead to the writing of far more structured and musically complex material. I've finally been able to include all the weird time changes that I'd always wanted to have in my music and I'm quite excited about that. The only thing that hasn't changed and will never change about the Masked Stranger is of course the intensely spiritual nature of the project and the manner in which I use it as a tool to explore the Nightside consciousness.
As far as musical tastes go these days. I've been listening to a lot of orthodox black metal: Ofermod, Watain, Weapon, Leviathan, Svartidauthi, Alfahanne and Negative Plane. But I've also been really getting into music a little more divorced from metal like the goth-rock band Fields of the Nephilim and the neofolk band Death In June. I've also been listening to a lot of Dreadlords, an American Satanic blues band of sorts.
I've kind of been listening more to bands that I feel are in alignment with my spiritual beliefs. I've gotten pretty tired of bands that have confined themselves to merely talking about the Devil, if they don't really believe in and emulate the Adversary both as musicians and as individuals, then I can't really be bothered to listen to them.

DM - We know you are a musician, but you are an artist as well. What inspires you to create pieces of art? On another note , you have drawn a few covers for PROCTOPHOBIC , what other bands / musicians have you provided artwork for?

HNJM - It's hard to say exactly what inspires a lot of my artwork, or at least, what inspires me is not entirely something that is easily expressed in language, hence why I use the medium of visual arts to see it reified. I would say that the things that inspire me are the little gateways into the Other that I interact with on a daily basis. Mostly dark dreams both of the sleeping and waking variety, vague impressions that I get when the sun sets behind the smoke and leafless trees that hedge the horizon on most Halifax evenings, but most of it I think comes from a very subconscious place as I often don't consciously formulate or plan my sketches and paintings, I just sit there and let them happen. I guess in a way my art is a way for me to explore otherwise submerged parts of myself and things that come from depths far beyond my self. In recent years I've come to the conclusion that really all any artist is, is a vessel for forces greater than themselves and that it is a great arrogance to so blindly take credit for what "we" often create at least when that credit is taken without appropriate respect for the invisible hands at work.
I've done some work for a Cape Breton band by the name of The Dead Skanks for a full-length I've been told may be released within the next year. I also did some artwork for Moxham Castle that was used for their T-shirt design. Sadly, other than that I've done regrettably little in the vein of band related art. I have however been approached about doing artwork for bands in less than ideal circumstances, in which the people commissioning the artwork either rescinded their request (for no apparent reason) or just made themselves difficult to work for. understandbly, nothing came of those instances.

DM - That should do. I wish you nothing but support and respect. Do you have any final comments / remarks?

HNJM - The Masked Stranger will be creaking and seeping through gaseous membranes in attics and cellars near you, sooner than may be comfortable for those with mundane constitutions.
Thanks to Gorecyst for this interview.

DM - Thanks dude!

This guy and myself have been grinding and creating blasphemy for a decade now. One of my closest ''Brothers In Arms''. Check out his ''music'', and for the denizens of HALIFAX, Be prepared to have your ear - drums violated by the noises of THAUMIEL in the near future.